Statistics besides its theoretical development, is an application oriented subject, Statistical methodology is useful in professional courses such as medicine, engineering, agriculture, management, actuarial science and humanities, social and biological science. The college has established the Department of Statistics in the year 1995 with one section of (M.E.S) with 30 students. Later in 1998 M.E.S is converted in M.S.Cs (Restructured Course) with 40 students. Now at present there are 2 sections with 40 students each (i.e) so students has enrolled in B.Sc (M.S.Cs) group.

            The Department has the following 3 Assistant Professors working

  • Ms. S. Nirmala
  • Ms. T.Vedavathi
  • Ms. M.Anusha

The Department offers basic “Statistics and Data Analysis” as the interdisciplinary course to B.A, B.Com and B.Sc (Life science) students.

    • Guest lecturers are arranged on Resent Developments of the subject.
    • Students are made aware of the  E- learning recourse available and encourage to register for online courses on MOOC.
    • The strength of the department are
    • Has experienced faculty
    • Expertise in data analysis and offers free consultancy to the various faculties, research scholars and students for their data analysis needs.
    • Department analyses feed back in the college for IQAC.
    • Feature Plan:  To teach and guide students to do data analysis through SAS, SPSS and R- Packages.
    • AWAREDS: Ms. S. Nirmala, Asst. Professor has been awarded best teacher awarded by CCE in Yuva Tarangam 2015-16.
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