The department of Physical Education was established in the year 1970-71.  The Department consists of adequate facilities of play fields and courts for women students having play ground where Volleyball, Kho-Kho, Tennikoit, Throwball, Kabaddi, and Shuttle Badminton will be played. Indoor games like Table Tennis, Caroms, and Chess are also available


The Aim of physical Education in this college is not only an integral part of the general education but also promotes harmonious growth and development. The whole curriculum of physical education should be developed with certain aims in mind, physically, mentally and emotionally fit and also develop personal and social qualities as well helps to a live happily with others and build them up as a good citizen.

The aim of Physical Education is to provide activities through which the fullest development of man is attained, so that she may live on enriched radiant and abounded life.

The aim of physical education is the optimum development of the physically socially and mentally integrated and adjusted individual through guided instruction and participation in selected total-body sports, rhythmic and gymnastic activity conducted according to social and hygienic standards.


The mission of the department of physical education is to train all the students the basics of all games and sports, Yoga and Meditation, health and fitness. And provide a strong and healthy mind.

There are numerous factors that affect the achievement and maintenance of a health and active life style.

    • To help students move in a skillful and effective manner in all the physical education programmes.
    • To develop an understanding and appreciation of movement between the youth so that their lives may become more meaningful, purposive and productive.
    • To develop an understanding and appreciation of certain scientific principles concerned with movements.
    • To develop through the medium of games and sports, interpersonal relationships.
    • To develop the various organic systems of the body so that they will expand in a healthy way to the increased demands place to them.
    • Mental health and efficiency
    • Social moral character
    • Emotional expression and control
    • Interpretive development




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