The Department of Mathematics is established in the year 1971.The Department of Mathematics based on the point that Mathematics everywhere in this world. It includes informal classroom interactions, paper presentations, quizzes and wallpapers which enable students to explore the fascinating world of Mathematics. Mathematics plays an important role in the research in the real world life. The mission of the department is to educate the students through Knowledge

It is the privilege of the department to offer a mathematical experience wherein students learn to think critically, communicate mathematical concepts effectively, and become lifelong learners. The intention is to promote interdisciplinary learning so that the students develop a wider perspective and equip them with the resources necessary not only for mathematical learning but to enable them to compete with confidence at multiple levels in various fields. The department of Mathematics organizes activities like extension lectures, quizzes, seminars, field trips and other activities are arranged


Courses offered:
UG:     B.SC(M.S.Cs)
PG:  M.Sc (Pure Mathematics)

Transdisiplinary courses offered:    “Problem Solving Techniques” is a Transdisiplinary course conducted by the Department of Mathematics. The students of B.A, B.Com and B.Sc (Life Sciences) departments were enrolled in the course.

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