About Department

Mission Statement: 
The mission of the Journalism Department is to provide excellence in education on fundamental concepts, values and skills in journalism that focus on problem solving, critical thinking, innovation and communication. We also promote an understanding of ethical and legal implications of media and the importance of cultural and intellectual diversity, civic engagement and social responsibility in preparing students for leadership roles in journalism

Vision Statement: 
The  Department of  Journalism strives committed to promote a strong and independent free press following the fundamental journalistic values of accuracy, accountability, and fairness.  It provides innovative journalism landscape and gives its graduate students the skills and confidence to rise to the top of today’s demanding news and media-dependent professions.

Values :
Be creative, innovative and lead in producing communication and media professionals;
Adapting to a changing academic, professional, scientific, technological and corporate world; and
Respecting initiatives in collaborative and networking initiatives in communication and the media industry
Provide quality professional training, research and consultancy services;

The Department of Journalism has its inception in the year 1998, as a restructured course

Courses offered:

       1) B.A. JOURNALISM (Journalism, Political Science and Communicative English)
       2)   H .P.J  (History, Political Science and Journalism)


Transdisciplinary courses offered  W.e.f. June 2015

    III Semester: “Introduction to Electronic Media”
    IV Semester: “Television – Its evolution and growth”


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