Governing Body

Chairperson   :

Smt. A.Vani Prasad, I.A.S.
Commissioner of Collegiate Education.

Member(Industrialist)  : Ms.Vidya Nambirajan ,CEO
Member (Professional)            : P.Jeethender Reddy, M.Sc FCA
Chartered Accountant and Management Consultant,
Proprietor, P. Jeethender Reddy & Co , Barkathpura ,Hyderabad.
Member (Teacher of the College) : Ms.S.Nirmala
Assistant Professor in Statistics
Member (Teacher of the College) : Ms. Anita Abraham,
Associate professor in English
Educationist(Nominated by the Principal): : Dr.D. Ashok ,
Professor in Chemistry
Director and Directorate of Admissions,Osmania  University, Hyderabad.
Member ( UGC  Nominee) : Dr.R.K.Chauhan ,
Former Secretary (UGC)
Member (Govt. Nominee)       : Dr.A. Sriramulu(FACJD)
Member (University Nominee)   :

Prof. K. Arjun Rao , M.A., Ph.D.
Dean, College Development Council,
Osmania University.

Special Invitee : Dr.V.Vijayalakshmi
Associate Professor in chemistry &
Academic Coordinator
Special Invitee      : Dr.V.Padma Anuradha,
Assistant professor in Matematics &
Member Secretary of Academic Council &
 PG Coordinator
Special Invitee   : Ms.V.V.Mallika,
Assistant Professor in  Political Science &
 WEC Coordinator (Women Empowerment)
Special Invitee         : Ms. J.Sridevi
Assistant Professor in Microbiology
TSKC Coordinator.



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