Department of Economics aspires to:

  1. Respect students and provide them with quality education
  2. Sustain continuous improvement and innovation
  3. To develop outstanding Economics, with faculty that is recognized for excellence in instruction, research and service

 To provide curricula that promote critical thinking abilities, which help students become productive and informed citizens. Our faculty will engage in study project to create and disseminate new knowledge, develop quality-teaching skills, maintain professional standards, and actively serve the college and community.


1. Faculty is united in their commitment to undertake their teaching responsibilities with professional integrity by

  • Encouraging and working with our students to help develop their study skills to improve learning
  • Making class assignments and seminars that will challenge students to extend their learning

2. Faculty will collaborate within the department to increase the      quantity and quality of our professional presentations and publications

Courses offered by Department

1. E.P.P (Economics, Political Science, Public Administration T/M)
2. E.P.CA. (Economics, Public Administration, Computer Applications E/M)
3. H.E.P. (History, Economics, Public Administration E/M) from 2016-17
4. M.A. (Economics) from 2016-17



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